Meg, founder of Small Batch Wellness is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in postpartum care. Established in 2015, Small Batch Wellness works locally and virtually
with clients in all stages of healing and repletion to facilitate deep nourishment. Meg blends her knowledge in modern-day, evidence-based nutrition with Ayurveda & folk
herbalism & culinary medicine to create an approach specific to the birthing person and the postpartum body.


Prior to the pandemic, Meg spent much of her time providing meal services for postpartum families in their home.  As with many  businesses, she needed to grow and change her business due to it being deeply impacted by the pandemic. 


She developed Purposeful Nourishment and this companion piece, The Postpartum Kitchen to continue her work in service of postpartum families. 

This approach to eating is not a diet, nor is it meant to be dogmatic, restrictive, all or nothing. This sacred window is meant to be honored, slow and full of warmth where the birthgiver has the support of community care.

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Business Communications Manager


After completing a degree in Business Management, Kim held the Marketing Coordinator position at Atlantic Hospitality Group located on the North Shore of Massachusetts. There she and Meg worked together for the first time. Kim oversaw marketing efforts including email marketing, social media campaigns, and guerilla marketing.


Soon after, she packed up her things and drove from Boston to Nashville, Tenn. to chase opportunities within the music industry. It didn’t take long to get her foot in the door and she has been working as a music publicist for the past six years, including work on a GRAMMY Award-Winning PR campaign.


Recently, Kim made a shift away from the music industry and now uses her PR and marketing experience as well as her love for the digital world to help small businesses find their voice to best reach their ideal audience and convert followers into clients.

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