The Art of Cooking for Health: Culinary Medicine

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  • Garlic needs to be chopped and wait about 10- 15 minutes for the allicin to stabilize.

  • Cutting fruits (and veggies) up helps break down the rigid cell walls.

  • We aren't eating raw foods in the early postpartum anyways BUT cooking foods also increases the bioavailabilty.

  • Foods with lycopene and betacarotene will increase by cooking

  • Denaturing (lightly cooking)proteins in meat and eggs so they are absorbed easier. ​​

  • Cooking decreases oxalates which makes iron and other mineral more available. 

  • Turmeric needs peperine aka Black Pepper  (and fat) to be more bioavailable to the body. 

  • Place mushrooms gills side up in the sun for 10 -30 minutes to drastically increase the Vitamin D content in the mushie!

  • Eat Fat! Yes, here it is again. We need fat to absorb the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, K, E)  in food!

  • From 88 ACRES:Unnatural Emulsifiers:Commonly added to many commercial sauces and foods, carboxymet- hylcellulose (CMC) or polysorbate 80 (P80) are synthetic emulsifiers that have been linked to inflammation and weight gain in animal stud- ies. While they are generally considered safe by the FDA at precise levels, their presence across the food supply makes it difficult to truly know just how much you’re eating. The best way to eat less CMC and P80 is to read the ingredients first and buy from brands you can trust.

  • Dip, Dressing, Drizzle

  • There are two keys to unlocking the perfect texture in a Seed Butter sauce: streaming the water in very slowly and whisking like crazy. Like we mentioned above, emulsifying your sauce is an essential step to creating a light, creamy consistency. Whisking the sauce incorporates air into the emulsion, making it thick, voluminous, and glossy.

  • In some of these recipes, we say things like whisk “vigorously” or “quickly” but we could easily use words like “frantically” or “hysterically” and they would be just as accurate in describing the velocity at which you need to whisk.

  • Many of these recipes can be adjusted to suit your flavor preferences, but the texture can also be customized depending on the ratio of Seed Butter to water you add.

Ways we can increase nutrients are

  • Toasting

  • Soaking

  • Sprouting

  • Food Synergy / Affinity

  • Culinary Medicine / Bioavailability

  • Low + Slow

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Culinary Medicine