“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.




Lots of hydration. Keep eating plenty of little meals or snacks for sustained energy.

  • Flat Water or Infused Water or Warm Teas

  • Plain Coconut Water 

  • "Laborade" Coconut Water

  • Sipping Bone Broth- (excellent for soothing abdomen, rich in collagen, often feels like a warm hug) 

  • Bananas (potassium & electrolyte replacement)

  • Raw Mixed Nuts (fuel, fats, energy)

  • Dates with Nut Butter (energy, sweet, tastes like Snickers! :)

  • Dark chocolate (small amounts -fuel, fat, energy)

  • Avocado

  • Hard-Boiled Egg or Scrambled Eggs(sustained energy)

  • Fresh berries (blueberries are excellent here - some folks freeze them)

  • Cheese, Hummus, Nut Butters

  • Honey Sticks

  • Popsicles


Quick Overview of Ideal Meals in the First Weeks Postpartum:

Beyond the Golden Hour if birthing at home or if you can swing it in the hospital,  I recommend continuing to focus on hydrating with a lovely warm tea or milk tonic, stick with a Dark Meat Chicken Congee or Kitchari Porridge that is both filling and nourishing. If birthing in a hospital setting and unable to bring in your own food, ask for oats, soups, teas. Think warming and well cooked. 

  • Breakfasts - Different versions of Grounding Oats (Steel Cut Oats made with warming spices) - this can be varied a bit with blackstrap molasses, maple, dates, full-fat coconut milk). Often served alongside stewed fruits & an herbal tea. Roll in (after day 5) small amounts of egg dishes from simple scrambled with extra yokes and nooch) to more custard-like, maple eggs. 

  • Snacks & Sides: Different versions of the stewed fruits, some tend to be a mix of foods and some tend to showcase a singular fruit.  Other dishes might include Poached Pear, Seasoned Avocado dishes, Date & Almond Shake, Spiced Maple & Molasses Nuts, Chutneys, Stuffed Dates, Balancing Bite (better than a Peanut Butter Cup), New Mama Jam on Pita, Ghee'd Rice, Veggie "Fried Rice" Quinoa, Roasted Vegs (Beet Root, Squash, Fennel, Parsnip, Bok Choy), Ghee sauteed & spiced leafy greens, Horchata, Milk Tonics, Infusions, Warm Ginger Tea

  • Lunch / Dinner: It is ideal to have lunch be the largest meal of the day.  In addition to what we've already listed and discussed, pureed soups such as sweet potato and squash, Dals, "Buddha" Bowls with mixed veg with quinoa/rice mix, Broth Bowls with added grain, Classic chicken (rice) noodle  soup, Cast Iron Simple Salmon.

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