Jammy Egg

While a good jammy egg isn't everyone's cup of tea, those that do will love this.


Once you get the timing down, this is by far the easier method in my opinion.

Ideally you will have an egg holder already for your IP but if not, the insert tray that it comes with should work just fine.

  1. Add one cup of water to the IP. insert the tray (see above) and 3 -4 fresh eggs

  2. Set the IP for 2 minutes, high pressure.

  3. Get an ice bath ready while it's coming to pressure - don't walk away as this can happen fast!

  4. Once it's done the 2 minutes, wait one minute and then release the pressure.

  5. Immediately put in ice bath.

  6. From there you can leave in the fridge until ready to use or peel and marinate to add another layer of flavor (see notes below).

The timing on this can be persnickety. Each instant pot seems to have it's own personality. I have two and the timing is slightly different on each one so it's worth playing with a bit to get the timing to your preference.


I am not reinventing the wheel here. There are several posts about this that don't need rewriting:


  • Generally, this is one of the thing that I always top my CONGEE with to add more protein, fat - sometimes a KITCHARI too but not necessary.

  • Tamari Eggs: Once cooked and peeled, submerge egg in a jar with coconut aminos, tamari, sesame oil + water

  • Sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning.

  • Topped with pesto or green goddess or maple dijon (from Planted Families)

  • Smeared with hummus, mashed avocado