“The ideal postpartum period will be anchored by a calm environment that will hold you as you rest, recover and tend to your baby; supportive people who will step in, a strong and resilient relationship with your partner, and small rituals of self care." ~ The First Forty Days

I am so glad you are here. Taking this step is going to deeply impact your future. Together, we can work to ensure you feel supported, nurtured, nourished and beloved.

With deep gratitude, I want to thank you so much for your commitment to a healthy, revitalized postpartum.Without even knowing it, you are making change and paving the way for all birthgivers to be cared for, nourished and healthful during this extraordinary time.

This unique time in a new family's life is both fleeting and intensive, it is our aim to help relieve the large and important task of preparing the kitchen and nourishing new parents. 

The first order of business is just reading.  Don't feel like you must do this all at once. You can skip around or go in order. Read some, cook some - whatever fits into your third trimester rhythm. 

You might find this Quick Start Checklist  helpful! 

You don't need permission...

While we recommend an approach to eating in the postpartum, I cannot convey more emphatically the following point, my dears.....


Restrictive and shameful eating often takes a front seat in the postpartum. We don't need to take on more stuff and adding fear to food is the LAST thing anyone needs to take on.  


Society is full of BOUNCING BACK- PRE-BABY SIZE - CALORIE COUNTING toxicity. People trying to capitalize on a target market that is fear-based  is a deeply harmful narrative. Normal bodies don't spring back - normal bodies take time to heal. 

We are providing a framework that integrates warming and nutritive foods - blending traditional ways with modern day science. This approach to eating is meant to be anti-inflammatory, hormone- balancing, and blood-building with a keen eye to the unique state the postpartum body.


We are DEEPLY ANTI-DIET. This is not a restrictive eating dogma.  


One obvious reason is that there are many factors at play here. People are complex and so are their health histories, their preferences, their pregnancy, labor, AND delivery. Working within a certain framework allows clarity and confidence to plan and navigate through these early days. It also leaves room for those considerations. One size does not fit all - this is why it's a framework. 


Postnatal Depletion Spectrum is a syndrome that impacts nearly all birthing people in one form or another - (more on this later.) Your microbiome, your medicine and antibiotic use, your polymorphisms, co-diagnosis, sleep debt, support all play a role. 


The bedrock of the Postpartum Kitchen is a recipe database that cuts through the endless googling to land on options that work for you.


You can navigate within a curated framework.


Any amount of eating within this framework will be of benefit to you. Whether you decide to embrace it completely, partially or barely - that's up to you and there is ZERO shame in fitting it in the way that feels right to you. 


And finally, postpartum eating can be cathartic and an essential part of feeling like yourself.  Nourishing yourself isn’t about getting back to your original pre-baby size, it's a true act of loving-kindess to yourself. The evolution of parenthood is a big deal and awareness of it being both beautiful and intense, joyful and depleting, happy and sad is a process. Beyond nourishing, slowing down for a more restful and repleting sacred window will only be of benefit. 


Sure there is still some navigating that needs to happen especially when nursing (limited high mercury fish, for example) but it’s about healing and resting and eating that damn piece of pizza because that heartburn that’s been kicking your butt has finally subsided. Enjoy it! You deserve it!


You won’t fall off the postpartum nutrition train if you feed your soul as well as your belly. We will work together to balance it all out.

People hire me because they also value the role of food in healing and want help cutting through the noise. I am deeply appreciative of my past and current clients for taking this flexible, versatile, finite ride with me.