Once you are ready to get going, there is a bit of reading / onboarding  (what you are doing now) to do before you hit the kitchen. It's recommended to read through all information before the first delivery pausing at YOUR DOORSTEP DELIVERIES. Sometimes the timing of this doesn't work out, that's okay, you can catch up pretty easily. Remember, you can reach out with any questions you have at any time!

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At about the 32 week mark, we will arrange with you a delivery day for the Foundational Prepare Pack. This will be left on your doorstep in a Eco- Cooler (or two) but we ask that you bring it inside as soon as you can.


The Pack is your largest essentials pack that you will receive. This is the foundation for your pantry. Please remember, you will most likely need items at the grocery store to complete these recipes if you don't already have them in your kitchen.

Once you've squared away the delivery, reviewed the information, it's time to make a plan for what items you'd like to make, cross checking the shopping list with your pantry items and planning a time to shop (if needed) and cook!


We will send along an email with each delivery that will contain some recommended recipes as well as a bit of additional information. 


First we focus on getting the freezer ready and make a plan for the birthing person's first meals -  these "First Foods" are meals that favor early postpartum. 

We will also make some headway on stocking the freezer with quick cooking items. Preparing like this means that should the baby decide to make an appearance a bit early, you have a really great groundwork to rely on.


Please note, you have essentially 3 weeks to get this squared away before the next delivery comes. Take your time and enjoy it, explore and make other recipes!


About the 35 week mark, we will send over a smaller pack, and some goods to round out your freezer. While we send an email with some recommended recipes, we also strongly encourage exploration in the recipe database.


If one of the recommended recipes doesn't feel like a good fit, then you can explore in there using up your ingredients however makes the most sense for you are your family.  


Be sure to let us know that baby is here! Text, email or Marco Polo Meg! 


Whether you are birthing at home, a birthing center or hospital, let us know when you think you may be home or ready to receive the Week One Delivery. The earlier the better as it can take some time to ensure fresh sourcing for this delivery.



These will contain a few regular items like avocado and sweet potato, as well as some seasonal or postpartum stage specific items. The foods themselves will gradually grow in complexity and move toward harder to digest foods. 

Again, each Doorstep Delivery will be followed by an email with information and suggested recipes. It's worth stating again, that if one of the recommended recipes doesn't feel like a good fit (i.e. maybe you don't have all the ingredients, maybe you have another idea, maybe it's just not for you, then you can explore in there using up your ingredients however makes the most sense for you are your family.


This is part of the versatility and flexibility of this series. :)

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